Top 5 Tips For Avoiding Insanity During The Menopause!

how to avoid insanity during menopause

1. Put yourself first – you’re no good to your spouse, your kids, ageing parents, pets, work colleagues etc if you’re frazzled! Get some ‘me’ time written in the diary and pamper yourself! You know what makes you feel good ladies so do more of it!

2. Learn what triggers your hot flushes and other symptoms. Be prepared – carry hand held fans in your bag, have one in your bedroom, dress with layers. Reduce caffeine, spicy foods and alcohol to a minimum and find what helps.

3. Look at your diet. You can do a lot to balance your hormones by including phyto-oestrogens, calcium and omega 3 plus vitamins A, D and E. See my earlier post on foods for the menopause.

4. Exercise – if you’re not currently exercising can you factor in some extra movement each day? It will help improve your mood, especially when outdoors. Light weight bearing exercise will help your bone health going forward. If you have time in your week try yoga.

5. Mindfulness – when life is going at fast pace with demands coming from all sides and menopausal symptoms  making you feel out of sorts, tired and not yourself, just take a short time out, even if it’s just 5-10 minutes now and then (set a timer on your phone). Take some very deep, slow breaths and really notice your surroundings. Use all your senses – sight, sound and smell. Why not try meditation? There’s a great free app called Insight Timer with thousands of guided meditations. Try last thing at night or first thing in the morning.

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