Muscles and Bones

“I first visited Alison to treat extreme lower back pain and sciatica in both legs. After the first session I was able to sit without discomfort and sleep properly again. Having suffered severe back pain for some 15 years and tried many approaches – I cannot recommend Alison highly enough. The results are amazing!”

Clients often tell me that experiencing joint pain, suffering a sports injury or struggling with back pain or sciatica, is not merely about the pain itself but the detrimental effects this has on enjoying a normal life.

Numerous studies have shown that acupuncture helps reduce pain and inflammation and also speeds up the recovery process. Having learned about muscular-skeletal conditions in my previous role as a surgical nurse, I approach Chinese medicine with a scientific understanding that further enhances rehabilitation. Clients report a large reduction or elimination of pain and a greater range of movement where they had previously suffered considerable limitations.

Making a Baby

“I started seeing Alison for fertility treatment and to help with high levels of anxiety. After the first visit I felt a notable difference in my anxiety levels and within a month Alison had managed to regulate my menstrual cycle. Three months later I fell pregnant after a year of trying…”

For couples struggling to conceive a baby; women unable to maintain a pregnancy and men with fertility issues, acupuncture has been shown to help in a multitude of ways. Whether it is a biological or an emotional factor, acupuncture can treat numerous conditions – for women, this might include endometriosis, PCOS and irregular menstruation, and for men, a low sperm count and poor morphology. It is also proven to alleviate stress and anxiety that often hinders the body’s ability to conceive.

I provide an information pack on your first session which includes fertility advice for both men and women and nutritional support from a credible dietician. It also explains in more detail how acupuncture can help with fertility.

I treat clients who are either trying to get pregnant naturally or who have been told they need IVF treatment to conceive. Ideally, it is better to treat both partners at least three months before starting IVF and when couples are considering starting a family.

Growing a Baby

“I came to see Alison after consecutive miscarriages to relieve stress and anxiety and improve my chances of a successful pregnancy. Not only did I feel more relaxed and positive, I am now entering my third trimester. My sessions with Alison were the only thing that alleviated severe morning sickness and pregnancy related headaches!”

Many of my clients who have achieved pregnancy choose to continue treatments throughout their term. This can be for several reasons, the main one being help with nausea and vomiting. Others like to maintain the health benefits they have acquired, pre-pregnancy, and want to maintain optimum wellbeing as they progress through each trimester. Some choose to see me in the third trimester only, as they might be struggling with back or hip pain or any other pregnancy-related discomfort.

Where miscarriage is not a result of genetic abnormality, acupuncture can play a significant part in supporting a pregnancy through full term.

I can also help with breech positioned babies or provide induction treatments for clients over their forty weeks term.

Mind and Emotion

“Having never had acupuncture before, I found the whole experience to be so wonderful and so calming…”

In Chinese medicine theory, internal disease can occur when emotions become excessive or prolonged, suppressed or not recognised for long periods of time. Alternatively, the condition of the internal organs can also affect ones’ emotional state. For example, if someone has a liver-complaint they will often feel irritable, even without physical symptoms. Modern western scientists and psychologists have also produced research that supports this theory.

What is so beneficial about acupuncture is that both the physical body and the emotions are treated simultaneously. Many people with depression or anxiety can be treated successfully with acupuncture by addressing imbalances within the body and its’ relationship to the mind and emotions.

Problems with insomnia, stress related issues and grief can be also be resolved when a physical diagnosis has been identified and treated.

Repair and Maintenance

“I visited Alison for help managing endometriosis symptoms, including lower abdominal pain, difficulty urinating and sciatica. After my first session my symptoms became less frequent and I’m now off pain killers altogether. I continue to see Alison once a month… she has changed my quality of life for the better and I’m very grateful…”

Acupuncture is not just a solution to a problem but can be an intrinsic part of your ongoing pursuit for optimum well-being.
Imagine, inside the body is a superhighway of inter-connecting roads, junctions and terminals.

Everything works really well when the traffic is flowing easily and going in the right direction, but when it’s not, there can be chaos, traffic snarling up and problems occur. In health terms, we start to experience all manner of symptoms, both physical and emotional. Acupuncture facilitates the smooth flow of energy around the body, aiding its direction and in so doing, promoting a return and continuing experience of good health.

“For many, good health is a constant quest against the challenges of long working hours and hectic lifestyles. These pressures can manifest in physical symptoms such as high blood pressure or digestive issues, with many more of us experiencing allergies, asthma, eczema and bowel problems than ever before. Regular acupuncture can help you maintain your equilibrium and become an essential ingredient to your long-term well-being”.

Alison Arden

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