Looking and feeling younger – holistic facial acupuncture can help!

facial acupuncture

New to my practice is holistic facial acupuncture and I’m very excited about it! Towards the end of last year I returned to the International College of Oriental Medicine to learn the techniques from the fantastic Rob Hughes and Kirsten Germann. More and more people today are turning to natural methods of facial rejuvenation as an alternative to chemical injections, fillers and surgery. Not only do they want to avoid putting chemicals into their bodies but they also want to look like themselves – just younger and fresh faced!

So how does it work? In their words, “we are just stimulating (the skin) in order to create an increase in the skin’s natural repairing and protecting processes that slow down and block up with age, if not exposed to stimuli that keep them awake and more lively”.
The treatment is holistic in that the client’s general health and wellbeing is taken into consideration in the treatment. The face is a reflection of a person’s state of health – be it emotional, psychological and/or physical health. So a facial treatment includes a consultation just as a typical acupuncture treatment would and involves a diagnostic check of the pulses. A few acupuncture points to balance the body are added away from the face. This will be minimal – if a lot of treatment is required, a separate acupuncture session is recommended.
Benefits of facial acupuncture:

  • Increased blood and lymph circulation to the face
  • Improved skin tone, moisture and texture
  • Enhanced skin colour and balance (corrects redness)
  • Increased collagen production
  • Reduction in facial lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores
  • Eye bags may be reduced
  • Facial puffiness reduced
  • Minimises scars
  • Reduction of dark colouring and puffiness under or around eyes

The effects of the treatments are gradual. An initial series of treatments weekly for 3-4 weeks is recommended. A couple more follow up appointments are then suggested with 3 week intervals to establish a healthy face condition in the first phase. Additional top up treatments maintain and gradually improve the condition further and these are from monthly to even less frequently, depending on the sustainability of the client’s treatments. Less is more here, the body can get used to the stimulation and reducing the frequency ensures optimum effect.

For facial acupuncture, finer, smaller needles are used to minimise the risk of bruising. It is advised to avoid having the acupuncture just before a big event in case of slight bruising. Makeup should be removed before a treatment.

Coming soon….facial acupressure massage as part of your treatment!

So if you’d like to experience the benefits of holistic facial acupuncture, call or email today to book your appointment!

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